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Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry

So here I am again, I don’t know how I have even managed to unearth the time to read another book what with redecorating and the everlasting shopping looking for furnishings and that ideal settee… the perfect reading couch that is.
Somehow though I managed to read Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry, a mystery based on a woman re-building her life after her marriage abruptly ended. If you remember, I reviewed Debts and Druids by Diana J. Febry in mid January 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed it, which is why I was so eager to read another of her books… and I was most definitely not dissatisfied!
Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry
Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry
Elephant In The Room by Diana J Febry was somehow even better than the last! It was rather extraordinary how Febry managed to further develop her writing and story telling abilities to create a book that is truly outstanding. All the characters were wonderfully told and by containing good use of descriptive words, the traits and surroundings were made clear and connectable. Some books take some time getting into, but not this – from the very beginning, I was captivated and got to know the main character, Penny, quite well. There was a lot of mystery implicated in this story which is what kept me wanting more and more with every turn of the page.
As the story went on the need to find out what all the secrets were was so strong I almost skipped to the end! Don’t worry though I waited it out and kept on reading.
The ending was brilliant and something I was just not expecting. I was blown away by how powerful the characters were in this book and would to find another story with Penny in.
The suspense was eternal, I mean Febry really did draw every last ounce of suspense as humanly possible and that is what I loved and respected most regarding this ultimate page-turner!
I recommend Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry if you love a character you can attach yourself to and a storyline that has you wanting more at every turn of the page.
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I would once again like to say a huge thank you to Diana J. Febry for sending me another of her astounding books to read and review… keep them coming!
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