Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa

Hi Everyone! I have been going through a bit of trauma the last couple of weeks, I hate the dentist, I don’t know what it is or why I do, but I just do! So you can envisage my dismay when those dreaded words were spoken… ‘Root Canal’! I almost passed out just listening to those two little but frightening words.
To make my days slightly better, the next book to read and review on my pile was Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa. Even though the cover was somewhat distasteful the synopsis was incredibly intriguing which is why I accepted to review the book after Alaspa put in a request and I was so happy that I did… the story was incredible!
Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa
Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa
Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa was an astonishing, horrifying and exciting read! I knew I was in for a good quality story even from reading the foreword, where Alaspa spoke sincerely and referred to the Peter Benchley’s Jaws phenomenon and how it affected the Great White species in our non-fictional world – this gained my respect and I began to get excited to begin the story. I was in no way let down but rather even more on the edge of my seat with unadulterated and untainted exhilaration at what I was reading. The method of Alaspa’s writing was at a much higher standard than most new authors, having consistency and flow through the book which ultimately helped me connect with the book more or less instantaneously. The characters again were really well thought out and with the use of description words and dialogue, the qualities and very self being of the characters were made understandable.
As the story went on, it just got more menacing and gripping that I couldn’t bear to put the book down… my wife had to prize it out of my hands! I will say one thing though, Alaspa kept making a point throughout the book, through characters thoughts, that these dog’s weren’t bad and I kind of wished he would lay off a little as it was taking away everything the book was supposed to be… Jaws wouldn’t have been such a phenomenon if Brody and the others felt remorse for the shark. I think if you are going to go there, you need to go in head-first and with full force.
I purely appreciated how Alaspa used parts of the book to tell the story from the dog’s point of view. This was fairly unusual as I believe it can take the mystery and fearfulness away sometimes, but it worked well in this story.
I recommend Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa to those who like a frightening story that has you on the edge of your seat and reluctant to put the book down!
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I would like to say a massive thank you to Bryan W. Alaspa for sending me this astounding book to read and review… I am officially a fan!
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  1. Great review. Thanks! I think the cover art on this book is cool.

  2. I will be sure to add this to my reading list. Although I have to say I think the cover is awesome! It reminds me of old school 80s horror movies.

  3. Yes quite true, it is rather 80s horror... good shout!