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Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher

I have been mega busy the last week with work, but I did get a bit of good news… I was nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!! It’s good to know that people out there take pleasure in our website and like our reviews.
Today’s review is on a book called Too Dark to Sleep sent to me by the author Dianne Gallagher. I decided to accept this book to review as after reading the synopsis, I knew this would be something I would enjoy… a stressed and multifaceted mystery!
Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher
Too Dark to Sleep by Dianna Gallagher
Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher was deep, dark and downright jittery. It was a mystery that wrapped around every nerve-ending and played tricks with the mind. The technique of writing took some getting used to and broke the flow of the story in some places, but this evened out as the story continued. The start of the story told of the suffering past of the main character Maggie Quinn (who is an extremely astounding character by the way) and detailed the very being that she is, intelligent, troubled and commanding. As well as being introduced into Maggie’s life, the story got straight into the mystery, revealing frightening and ingeniously planned murders.
As the story went on, the plot thickened and the characters got more entwined and uncomforting. I would guess what was going to occur next but never got it right, one way or another Dianne Gallagher achieved the unexpected mystery!
The finale was stunning… hand on my heart; I did not have any idea how the ending was going to unfold! The main character Maggie Quinn, seemed to get more unpredictable and erratic towards the end, and even had me doubting my belief in her! I still nevertheless wanted so much to trust her, which is what I think Dianne Gallagher wanted readers to feel. I think I want to read it all over again!
I was looking for a film one night, a thriller in fact as that is what I was really in the mood for. What I found myself doing however was looking for a film that had the same storyline as Too Dark to Sleep!?! I couldn’t find a film that compared with the book so settled for something close (which was still good), but I found myself thinking about it again the next day… if you have read this book, you will know why I think it would be good on the Big Screen!
I recommend Too Dark to Sleep to anyone who would enjoy a mystery with a lot of twists, warped characters, and a storyline that is so dominant, it will stay with you whilst you sleep at night.
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I would like to put forward my thanks to Dianne Gallagher for sending me the book to read and review… I really look forward to the next!
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