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The Obsession by T.V. LoCicero

I haven’t posted a book review for a while as I have been ever so busy with work and Christmas, I did however manage to finish a copy of The Obsession which was kindly received by T.V. LoCicero.
I decided to review this book as when T.V. LoCicero initially contacted me telling me about his book the storyline stood out to me, so how could I say no? From the synopsis The Obsession sounded menacing, creepy and somewhat different to the common thriller. I was incredibly happy with my decision to read and review this as the story and characters had a way of gluing to the mind till the very end… and a short while after that!

The Obsession by T.V. LoCicero
The Obsession by T.V. LoCicero
The Obsession by T.V. LoCicero was a gripping and enthralling story based around wicked pestering, love affairs and killings. The only bad thing I would have to say is that the use of punctuation had a way of violating the flow of the story, and that the opening quarter of the book was a bit yo-yo-ish with moments of anticipation and a great pace, and then moments were the story lagged and the pace broken down. However please do not judge the entire book on that, as LocCicero went to great lengths detailing the surroundings and characters which ultimately helped me as a reader gain that correlation and experience each and every emotion and sensation that they did. Lina, the extraordinarily intelligent, stunning and elegant female professor was the one character that I mainly connected with due to her influential and kind personality.
As the story went on, the more I got completely devoured by the menacing plot, unforeseen romance and the use of descriptive words. I hated it every time my train was pulling up at my stop because I knew I had to discontinue reading and all I wanted was to keep my head in the book to discover what happened!
Now let me tell you… the ending was sudden and come as quite a surprise, so hold onto your horses people, you are in for a ride with this book.
There was one part in the book that I absolutely did not foresee, I yearn to enlighten you to which part I mean but I would ruin it, and I wouldn’t want to do that now would I? I will say however that this particular part resulted in me being outright stunned and chilled… I knew that from that point on the circumstances for the unfortunate Lina was going to get somewhat more severe and demoralizing.
I recommend The Obsession to anyone who likes a story with chase, aspiration, and an exciting and frightening journey.
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I would like to put across my gratitude to T.V. LoCicero for sending me his book to read and review, and I really look forward to his next…
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