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When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson

I have been so hectic the last couple of weeks, making hundreds of paper snowflakes (entirely inspired by the movie Elf), shopping for Christmas presents and decorating that I am astonished I even found the time to read another book -  I even pulled a muscle painting my paper snowflakes with glitter paint!!!
I chose to read a gorgeous looking book called When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson because of how stunning the cover was (I know I know I keep judging a book by the cover but I just couldn’t resist!) and because… well that was my single reason ha-ha! I didn’t even read the synopsis; I just put it into my Asda trolley with quite some enthusiasm. Fortunately for me however the story harmonized with the cover entirely!
When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson
When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson
When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson was a delightful and serene book with every-day characters and a wonderful storyline. Even though the start of the book was exceptionally amusing, sharp and touching, I did not experience the same enthusiasm, anticipation or affection than I have done with previous books. As I kept reading though, the story and characters got more connectable and attention-grabbing. I couldn’t help but feel that the main character Elsie Maynard had a case of split personality at the beginning... one minute she was irritable and fierce, and the next she was civil, kind and had a air of tranquillity. I couldn’t quite figure this out until her past was exposed and the story developed. This of course had me turning the pages to detect why Elsie was reacting in these assorted ways. I fully appreciated the father of the Maynard family, he seemed to encompass the same air of calmness as Elsie (her calmer side that is), but in addition had other incredibly unique qualities that made him fascinating and I couldn’t wait for every time Elsie would go to her fathers for dinner. The same went for the exceptional, unconventional and exceedingly stimulated Woody Jenson who brought a diverse component to the story.
The story just got better and better as it went on and I quickly started to discover that connection and fondness that was mislaid at the opening quarter, mainly when Elsie had to take on an incredibly vital duty to carry out someone’s final and only request. There were two avenues to this story, I believe, one being Elsie’s battle to let go of someone she loved in her past and move forward (the romance side), and the other being the choir that had a selection of amiable and humorous characters.
There was one disappointment with this (I can’t give too much away) which was Elsie’s choice of man at the end… that’s all I am saying!
The one thing I loved most about this book, and this is going to sound ridiculous… was the ice cream shop Sundae & Cher! The way Miranda Dickinson described the pleasurable-vintage cafĂ© was unbelievable… ice creams and cookies, I am literally drooling at the mouth! I think someone ought to open a Sundae & Cher in Liverpool… preferably outside my workplace! One more part which I loved, was the journey to Paris, once more the way Miranda Dickinson used descriptive words was incredible and really had you imagining what she was seeing.
I recommend When I fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson to everyone who likes a good emotional romance story with achievements and inimitable characters!
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