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A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn

I know it’s a bit premature, but I just couldn’t help myself when I seen A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn in the Asda! And once I read the synopsis and found out the story was based in Liverpool (my hometown) and Snowdonia, I just knew I had to buy it!
Apart from being influenced because the author and tale are from Liverpool, I in addition bought the book as the story itself sounded incredible and dissimilar from what I typically read… instead of a romance tale, this book was based on friendship and family.
A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn
A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn
A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn was a charming and astonishing tale concerning two women from diverse lifestyles becoming the closest of friends! As the story began, I was introduced to Molly’s relations and setting and instantaneously felt I had a birds-eye-view of their life playing out. I hadn’t even gotten to chapter two before I was whacked with a twist in the tale that I did not foresee. This of course gave the book edge and a longing to keep turning the pages, hoping that everything will work out ok in the end. When Ellen told of her environment and her spouse Sam… I felt an abrupt twinge of sadness, but proud as well because even though the despicable and wicked Sam beats his wife Ellen, he has not made the slightest chip in her burly armour of a personality!
As the tale went on I watched Lana and Nonny conquer fears, undertake adventures and come nose to nose with someone nasty from their past. I watched them develop into young women and noticed the differences in their character and background… but an unrequited question always hung over them like a dark cloud.
A Sixpenny Christmas had everything you could ask for – companionship, adventure, heartbreak, marriage, bad guys, good guys, twists and so much more. To read a book that tells a story throughout many years rather than few was implausible and once I finished, I felt a little lost but elevated at the same time; it also left me hoping for a follow-on book… please Katie?
I connected with the book so well as I myself am from Liverpool and so appreciate the city’s history and its surrounding areas, the citizens and the society. That’s not to say that you have to be a Liverpudlian to connect with or familiarize with the book, because the book speaks wonders of companionship, family, hard times and the good times… there is so much for someone to connect with that this book does well to suit the majority.
I most absolutely recommend A Sixpenny Christmas to anybody who enjoys a life telling tale, meaning a story that starts at the birth of the characters and watching them grow into young women, a story that has its ups and downs, and a story that has an awe-inspiring feel.
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