Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Revenge Grows Harsh by Graham Heywood

I had the honour of receiving a hardcopy of Revenge Grows Harsh by Graham Heywood to read and review, and I am so thankful that I accepted the copy as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Revenge Grows Harsh by Graham Heywood
Revenge Grows Harsh by Graham Heywood
I was trying to sunbathe underneath a fairly cloudy 18°c sky (we don’t get a lot of sun in Britain), whilst reading Revenge Grows Harsh… the sunbathing was disastrous as I ended up getting goose-pimples it was that cold… but the book made the day better.
Revenge Grows Harsh is a top read. Although it started off a bit iffy with regards to the amount of full stops used and the uncontainable sense that I was reading a classroom textbook on how to be a lawyer. I gave the book a chance nonetheless and kept on reading as I could see there were elements of a good story in there. I particularly enjoyed the chapters that were set in 1991 as I felt this was where Graham Heywood’s true story-telling flair came out. As I got past the half way point however, I really got hooked onto it and just couldn’t put the book down, there were many twists and turns and the detailing of the characters and scenes improved as the story went on. This was a good debut novel for Heywood, but I feel that a more vivid use of words and creativeness were needed when it comes to setting the scene, particularly at the beginning as this is where it is most essential. All things considered, I am pleased that I kept on reading as the ‘textbook full stop’ dropped and the kick-ass tale kicked in… and the ending was incredibly witty and well planned.
It was good to read a fiction novel from a local author for a change as I am forever reading from American authors. I moreover found that I could relate to the book (more the beginning than anything) as I done a law course a while ago, and despite the fact that I scored exceedingly high marks, I dropped out after the first year as I knew it wasn’t a profession for me, but Revenge Grows Harsh pulled up some old memories of that time.
Revenge Grows Harsh by Graham Heywood is the book for you if you like an action style crime novel, as there is non-stop action!
Why don’t you go and buy it and let me know what you think by leaving your comments beneath or by emailing your review to bookreview@uncle-book.com.
I would like to express thanks to Graham Heywood for sending me his book to read and review, and I truly look forward to his next…
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  1. There's nothing better than an honest review. It helps both the author and potential readers.

  2. Thank you, I try my best to structure any criticism in a positive way to help. So I am truly grateful for your comment.