Friday, 31 August 2012

No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose

I was packing my equipment ready to go fishing on such a good-looking hot day when I decided to put No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose into my bag as I required a new book to begin reading. Once I got to my preferred fishpond, I unpacked my things, set up my rod and bait, opened a can of Guinness and started on the book.
No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose
No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose
I had to put up with the jokes from Mrs Book for an entire week after I came home lacking a solitary catch, but who can blame me… the book was just too good!
No One Left to Tell had me enticed as of the opening page, the plot was exceedingly calculated and finely designed, and the characters were just as astounding. The one character that struck out at the beginning was Paige Holden ‘the kick-ass private investigator’ – that’s what I like to call her. Paige was extraordinarily courageous and unbelievably determined, does she have no limits… dodging bullets, being a hero and fighting crime, all in one day!?! As the tale went on however, the two key characters Grayson Smith and Paige Holden truly had drawn my interest even more with their professional and personal relationship, and their unrelenting temperament towards the case. This is why Karen Rose has done such a superior job with the book as she has made the characters so genuine that I am in fact commentating about it to myself whilst fishing (with some odd looks from passers-by). There seemed to be numerous different genres all rolled into one in this incredibly inspired book, which made it entirely unpredictable; you never knew what was going to occur next which made the book a supreme page-turner. I do feel that now I have finished the book, I would like to read it all over again!
I suggested No One Left to Tell to my wife, Mrs Book, as it wasn’t about gore and sickos (is that politically correct?) but more focused on the crime case itself. There were also elements of a love story and moments of an erotic nature in there that I thought my wife would appreciate.
If you are looking for a book to read that includes comprehensive characters, a mystery with a hint of love and a storyline that makes you want to bound in the book to help out then this my pal is the book for you!
So go and buy it and let me know what you think by leaving your comments beneath or by emailing your review to
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Uncle Book

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