Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fifty Shades Freed

And so here it is, the final book of the series Fifty Shades Freed… I don’t know whether to be excited that I am going to discover the end or gloomy because it is going to come to an end. I heard a number of folks left it as long as they could to begin the last book as they didn’t wish for it to end, but I just got immediately to it… no time to squander!

Fifty Shades Freed
Fifty Shades Freed by EL James
Fifty Shades Freed wasn’t the most excellent book out of the series I thought but that doesn’t denote that it was terrible in any way, it was just Fifty Shades Darker was a tough act to follow. The sex scenes were still as burly and deeply rude as ever and the relationship between the two characters, Christian and Ana, was still as multifaceted and trying as ever! Even though all this was going on, EL James still created room in the tale for a number of incredibly tender, affectionate and blissful moments that gave the book the edge that made the public want to read more, more and more. There were unforeseen moments in the book that quietly surprised me and enjoyed. I believe there is going to be a Fifty Shades movie coming out soon; does anybody know who is going to play the parts of Christian and Ana? I have read that Selena Gomez has been approached!?! I love Gomez but it could be slightly bizarre to witness a just finished Disney idol in sex scenes!

I am trying my hardest to not give everything away because I just want to know what everybody thinks about it! So please leave your comments underneath or email your review to me at

I would certainly recommend all of the three Fifty Shades books to any women over 18, and perhaps men who want to know what all the craze is about.

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